Vorstellung: project management internship program – bundesweit (Profil: 10308)

Vorstellung: project management internship program – bundesweit (Profil: 10308)

Respected Sir/Madam,
Along with great pleasure, I would like to apply for project management internship program. As being a Mechanical Engineer and master degree student of Master of Business Administration and Engineering, specialisation in Global  Leadership in Engineering at Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin, I am considering my future career in the field of Project Management. Moreover, my specialisation provides me robust support and knowledge along with leadership capability as it combines technical as well as management study.

During my bachelor of mechanical engineering, I have gained in-depth knowledge of all the core mechanics modules along with design engineering modules which provides me knowledge of project management. Moreover, during my master study, I have gained thoroughly knowledge and experience of leadership, team development and management, project management and other business management aspects through Project Engineering Management, Management
across borders, Inter cultural competences and communication as well as Organisation Strategy and Human ResourcesManagement. In such modules, I have also learned comprehensively about Team management and psychology, Change management, SCRUM, Lean management, Six-sigma, Just-in-time, Kanban, Kaizen, Root-cause analysis, Organisation strategy and Company culture.

After completion of my bachelor degree in mechanical engineering, I have gained 8 months of technical-management work experience as a Junior Supervisor in Neptune Technology, Surat, India, where my major responsibilities were quality assessment, to solve technical problems in assembly department and production data management. After that, I have completed 6 months of internship as an intern of Business Development and Expansion department at Paratha Express food chain brand, India. As an intern, my major responsibilities were, competitor analysis, market and current trend analysis, lead generation as well as to support marketing team to identify new development channels. Furthermore, client negotiation and report generation of project development were also part of my responsibilities. Apart from this, during master study I have successfully completed two projects in product development and manufacturing process. To add to this, I have also completed three case studies in the field of Project management, Leadership and team building and Ethical conflict management.

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As being an enthusiastic person, I consider ambition and productivity with work as my strength. Moreover, I am communicative, extrovert and flexible to multicultural working environments. To add to this, I always ready to take challenges and work on new tasks which may even not be a part of my expertise. Additionally, As being a multi-lingual, I am business fluent in English and working hard to develop my German language proficiency, as I am at B1.2 level now.

I can start my volunteer internship from as early as possible for up to 6 months. I would be happy to give you in-depth impressions about my other positive facets in personal interview. I am looking forward to your invitation.

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