The amount of German companies ready to hire foreign employees grows up parallel to the amount of foreign job seekers.

Despite this positive development, job-seekers and German companies react with a certain reserve to get in contact.

Most of time, both sides have to overcome the language barrier. Indeed, English is used only in few German companies. Without German language knowledge, it will be difficult to get in contact with German companies.

Netzwerk-Arbeit mission is to reduce the language gap to move both sides closer.

 The solution

Job-seekers and companies choose either the German or the English language. For example, a job-seeker chooses English for his application and will get back the answer in German.

Interpreters are not always available, but in any case you will get an short-term-answer.
Either in English or German language.

Netzwerk-Arbeit is the link between foreign job seekers and German companies.

 Registration at Netzwerk-Arbeit

To work on the application, we have to get some information. First, we create a personal file into our database. Then you get a link by email to complete your data. Within four weeks, the file must be completed, if not, the personal file will be deleted.

To introduce you to companies, we need the following information:

  1. Letter of motivation
  2. Curriculum vitae
  3. References

Please send the documents 1 to 3 as one sole file, under pdf-format. In any case your data are safe by us. Before we forward your data to German companies, we will ask you for your agreement.

For us it is very important to keep your file up to date. We kindly ask you monthly, by email, if you are still looking for a job. We need your feedback regularly to be able to present your actual candidature. If we do not get answers two times in following, we will delete your file.

Please forward your completed file by email or use the registration link.


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